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york city and the national treasury was a boy did money. george washington and his troops to georgia and virginia 1781. this is about two hours. >> and its just basically feel relaxed and eager to talk about history which is what we hope to do with you tonight. not long after the 1781 victory of yorktown which is where my book begins, general george washington wrote a letter to one of his favorite aides, lieutenant colonel john lawrence that summed up the truth washington had learned from seven exhausting years of the war. he was probably the most committed idealist in the american army. he had gone to south carolina and tried to persuade his native states to approve a plan he had been urging since valley forge. he wanted to free 3,000 african-americans and enlist them in the continental army. not only would it help with the war it would be a body blow for the institution of slavery. after some initial hesitation, general washington strongly supported this idea. generally 1780 to the south carolina legislature buried the proposal in an avalanche. the dismayed young colonel reported t
for the rest of her life? >> here from the high flying gear devil making sure the washington monument is safe. >>> last call for a five -- favorite place to hang out on capitol hill. the hawk m dove swnn dove swan song. >>> our big story, amanda knox, her plea to be released from prison. it has been four years since she was convicted for the murder of her college roommate. in eight -- about three hours a jury will decide to set her free or locker up for the rest of her life. we are following the developments in the case that the world will be watching. here is more on what to expect. >> the 24-year-old from seattle washington has one last chance to make an emotional plea for her release. her family and members of the victim's family will also be in court. amanda knox, and the case involving a, is expected to come to a close. she is trying to fight for her freedom. >> is she ready? >> i believe she is. she has been thinking about it for several months. it is very heartfelt. i hope it will go over well. >> these people told her life in their hands. it has been going on for years now. >> be not
and george washington high school is celebrating their 75th anniversary and we'll honor them this evening and when you look at that and you look at the presentation that will take place later on in the meeting about our facilities. david golden will update us on our facilities and when you have schools over 100 years old and you look at the work put into them to make sure kids feel valued when a walk into a school that's nice and clean, shiny, and looks marvelous. i think it's a tribute to this community of san francisco stepping forward and caring so much about their children. and on another note, tomorrow, we're -- board member wynns and myself will be going to sacramento because it's time to start speaking up about prop 98 passed by the voters and we are basically demanding that the legislature, we hold their feet to the fire and they follow the constitution of the state of california that says that we get that kind of funding so i want to thank everybody for their support and let's have a great meeting. thanks. president mendoza: thank you, superintendent. item c is recognition and re
in recognition and celebration of george washington high school's diamond jubilee, 75 years of excellent public education in the city and county of san franciwhs been introduced by commissioner marawse and myself. the commissioner was kind enough to allow me to read the resolution of a washington alum. commissioner murase: because you're wearing the sweatshirt. president mendoza: this in recognition and celebration of george washington high school's diamond jubilee. whereas, george washington high school first opened and served students august 25, 1936, and has had a storied and distinguished 75-year history including recognition as one of the nation's finest high schools in the march 1958 readers digest article entitled "three cheers for george washington high" and whereas george washington high school built on one of the city's highest hills enjoying an unparalleled view of the golden gate bridge, designed by famed architect pfluger and includes work by a host of noted artists including muralist victor arnatof, gordon lando, sculptor sergeant johnson and added in 1974, dewy crumpler, talented
, at the supreme court. it was all over the place. we talk about it all, tonight on "washington week." >> now is not my time. >> really, you don't need a title to make a difference in this country. i think that i'm proof of that. gwen: so that's who's out. what about who's in? herman cain is enjoying a boost in the polls. rick perry's raised $17 million in less than 60 days, and mitt romney is taking on the president on foreign policy. >> if you do not want america to be the strongest nation on earth, i am not your president. you have that president today. gwen: 100,000 new jobs created last month, but not enough, as the standoff over the president's jobs bill intensifies. >> the question, then, is, will congress do something? if congress does something, i can't run against a do-nothing congress. >> nobody gets everything they want. gwen: and the supreme court prepares to tackle issues of religion, indecency, immigration, and the constitutionality of the new health care law. covering the week, dan balz of "the washington post," jeanne cummings of bloomberg news, janet hook of "the wall street
club says it will not use a toxic chemical on its golf course. that's according to "the washington post." earlier this month we reported that neighbors in montgomery county were upset the chevy chase club because they planned to use methylbromide to kill weeds. >>> they'll introduce a counterproposal to the proposed curfew under consideration in montgomery county. the loitering bill targets those who loiter or crowd outside public property. the proposal is losing support. it would require teens 17 or under to be off the street by midnight on weekends and 11:00 p.m. weekdays. the county council is expected to discuss both bills december 13. >>> speed cameras could rake in $500,000 for just one month in prince george's county. that's according to "the washington examiner." the county has mailed 13,000 citations since the start of the program. each carry a $40 fine. the county only gets that money, of course, if violators pay the fine. >>> this morning police are looking for two different groups wanted for a rash of robberies in northwest washington over the past two days. the latest happe
region -- this is "washington business report" with abc 7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us for a look at business and finance issues in the washington region. you have heard the s saying you are not committed until you have skin in the game. that is not news to our first guest. known as the woman who makes the rich and powerful looook gd, s has used her know how to buil a busineness. she is t foundnding direcector of the dmatollogy center and is launching a of her home. team all-star joins us today to talk about how one youngng dermatologist it is -- team all- star joins us to talk about howow one young dermatologist became well-kno in the waington area. if politicians are looking here eve maybe they cameo see you. tell us your background. >> when i started the washington institute of dermatologigic laser surgeryt was the first free standing of such a nature in the world. >> it was the first freestanding lar center in the world. even before that you're a a young deatolist. how did you grow into the p personn that could s starthe first center in the wor? >
the redskins again. urmat.d  >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> you don't have to be jon gruden or even know football to know the defense came to the rescue today forwashington. brian orakpo with 2 1/2 sacks and bradford will be thankful he does enough to face any of those guys again this year. the 2 1/2 sacks not a career high for orakpo. he had four in 2009, but here we are in 2011 and this is a defense that is back to being a prideful unit. forced to bail out the offense after multiple mishaps and they did. lindsay murphy with more now from st. louis. >> reporter: the redskins defense stepped up big time for a struggling rex grossman. they held the st. louis rams to 172 yards of total offense, got another forced fumble from ryan kerrigan and had seven sacks on the night. one of those guys who contributed in the sack department, stephen bowen. >> we tried to get our timing, try to get after them and make it easy for the guys in the back end. we just tried to dominate them. they had less than 200 yards total offense and i couldn't ask an
chicago and washington d.c. newspapers what appeared to be confirmation of their own fears that president roosevelt was lying the united states to war with germany. this monumental scooped consisted of excerpts of the top-secret rainbow 5 plan, army and navy testament the united states would be ready to launch its own assault on germany. july of 1943. perhaps more damning a copy of the president's own letter ordering the assessment. the german embassy wasted no time cabling a copy of the astounding revelations to berlin on the story's publication in washington. on december 4th, 1941. a week later hitler -- despite his many peacemaking efforts published proof of roosevelt's belligerence towards germany left him no alternative but to declare war on the united states. on december 14th, 1941, the german high command presented its radical strategic assessment based on what it described as the anglo-saxon floor plan which became known through publication in the washington times herald. 1946 half a decade after they joined the revelations cabled to berlin collier's weekly magazine, b-movies will
with over taxation and overregulation, particularly out of washington d.c. our states need to compete against each other. that is what we do. we should compete. i shared with john one of the ways that new hampshire could become one of the most competitive states from the standpoint of a being able to create jobs. you already do not have a sales tax. you are relieved of that income tax. if you make this a right to work say, you will bring people into this state by the thousands. let me wrap up and say one more thing. right to work is not an anti- union bill. it is a pro-jobs bill. our friends who have chosen to be in unions, they will have access to more jobs, making this a right to work state. >> welcome to new hampshire. >> thank you, sir. >> you have said that you dispute the national academy of sciences finding that burning fossil fuels is the natural cause of global warming. in the california presidential debate, you said find out what the science truly is before you start putting american jobs in jeopardy. when asked twice for sources you use, you ducked the question. i would lik
lo estan trayendo al matrimonio..." y en washington el 2% de la poblacion latina tiene este mal... quienes tienen mas riesgo de contraer el sida son las parejas jovenes homosexuales " los hombres latinos gays son los mas impactados por esta epidemia sobretodo de entre los 20- 24 anos..." los preservativos continuan siendo la mejor manera para prevenir contagios "no nos cuidamos a nosotras mismas, use proteccion, use un preservativo de mujer, use un preservativo de hombre, cuidese, comuniquese con su pareja y si no tiene buena comunicacion con su pareja entonces trate de hacerse la prueba por lo menos ..." en washington claudia uceda unvision causa preocupacion el numero de victimas imigrantes de violencia domestica que no denuncian los abusos a las autoridades... las medidas contra los indocumentados una vez mas estaria permitiendo que estas victimas, mujeres y hombres se queden en silencio... por eso hoy se realizo un foro comunitario para informar a la comunidad sobre las diferentes organizaciones de asistencia y sobre sus derechos... "estos foros es lo que trata es de educar,
washington. right here from washington, very likely that we will see all rain. there could be somewhat snowflakes even in downtown washington and the possibility of what we might call a snowstorm. up to a 20% possibility of an honest to goodness snowstorm. i will tell you more about the details. this will probably be a memorable storm for some folks on saturday. >> bob and doug hill will be watching every movement. just click on the weather tab when you go to >> every day store items used as weapons. photos to graphic for television. what brittany norwood told investigators. >> this was yet another day in the court room. with the testimony, a emotional images. this is the state's job to catalog at a crime scene and documents the event. this was a scene rife with violence. blood was found in just about every section of the shop. also presented as evidence in court, the victims purs, sneakers a jacket, and a clump of her hair lost during a struggle that ended with her death. we heard the suspected killers first interview. brittany norwood claimed that she and jayna murray had b
questions. "good morning washington" continues. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 a.m. on this october 20. i am cynne simpson. >> >>> moments away on "good morning washington" - --i am natasha barrett. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> we have one or two sprinkles northwest of town early this morning. we are tracking that from the belfort furniture weather center. crossing over the potomac near harpers ferry there are few sprinkles, approaching meyersville. and towards urbana and manassas, a sprinkle moving north and east. 57 degrees in southeast d.c., damascus at 53. on our way today close to mid 60's today, gusty wind appears to 30 miles an hour. already there are gusts this morning in excess of 30 in southern maryland. low 60's's tomorrow. still pleasant on the weekend partly cloudy. now to lisa baden with breaking traffic. >>> in waldorf maryland, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. newschopper 7 is looking at an accident investigation. they will have to take pictures and documents this unfortunate accident. north
washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine. good morning, washington. 5:00 on this monday, october 24. i am cynne simpson. >> i am autria godfrey. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> in the 40's for the most part. tralee seasonable. best chance of rain this week is on wednesday. today we could have a few sprinkles. 46 in northwest d.c.. 43 in waldorf. 44 in olney along with a triangle. partly cloudy to start the day and mostly cloudy. isolated storms cannot be ruled out. 69 this afternoon. more sunshine te will talk about traffic. we had an interesting call police on the way to an assault on 50 east in bowie near 197. i am not sure what that is about. you might find some the flashing lights in that area. getting ready to take 95 giving you the green light between fredericksburg and baltimore. running nicety. running in your favor. back to you. >> thank you. >>> you can expect major developments in a high-profile murder trial in mon
>>> they started out strong, then things got a little scary. but in the end, the washington redskins held on to beat the 0-3 rams in st. louis. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. it wasn't pretty, but it was a win. a victory over the rams put the redskins at 3-1 for the first time in years. hakem dermish is here with highlights of the game. a win is a win, right? >> that's what everyone's going to say in the nfl. you get a win, that's all that matters, you move on. these highlights, though, they're going to highlight the good things. that's what we do here. all right. first, we have to start with this. the cowboys go down, the eagles go down, and well, the redskins almost went down as well. washington escapes st. louis with a victory, thanks in part to ryan terrain, remember him? the all-terrain vehicle. he rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown and t with win, the redskins go into the buy week. rex grossman floats it up to santana moss, gets both feet down. touchdown, redskins. washington up 7-0. grossman's only td pass of the game. also had two interceptions. hando
washington, look at the temperatures. because we have an easterly wind, it is bringing an end of ocean air that we will see primarily rain. cold rain in the morning rain mixing with wet snow, sloppy wet snow. about an inch of rain. everything will be gone fairly fast. in the washington area, all rain rain mixing with wet snowflakes, 50/50 chance that we will have wet snow, but nothing in the immediate metro area that will cause problems and not a snowstorm. on the other hand, i will show you where it will be, parts of northern maryland and towards the blue ridge. >>> we are tracking every development as this rare october storm moves in. for live radar at any time, click on the weather cat at bob will have the updated forecast and kris van cleave will have the story about the impact of the storm. >>> the other big story of the day, the amazing story of survival. at 8-year-old robert wood was found alive after disappearing five nights. he is recovering at a richmond hospital while hundreds of searchers and his family are celebrating. we have live team coverage with john gonzalez an
washington tavern. >> north baltimore about two hours ago did -- tavern in northbaltimore about two hours ago lind see is live with the latest from the phone. >> reporter: the fire is not out. there's lots of smoke here. you can smell it miles away. as you mentioned, this call camein before 5 and when firefighters got here, they found a lot of smoke and a lot of flames and because the dangerous conditions they were not able to go inside to fight the fire. they had to stay outside because as you know this building is old and made of wood so there was the fear of collapse. that's why firefighters had to stay outside and attack the fire from outside. they are continuing to do so as we speak. mount washington tavern is a fixture of the community. owners we are told are here on- site and it doesn't look like just judging from the intensity of the fire this tavern will be able to reopen any time soon. at this point, we don't know where the fire started or if foul play was involved. good news is no one was inside the tavern when the fire started and there are no reported injuries at this time. we wi
treet in new york. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thursday, october fought6, 6:00 a.m. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. meteorologist adam caskey in. >> temperatures are dropping a little and will continue to do so until sunrise, of which is one hour and seven minutes away from now. 60 did -- 50 in northwest d.c.. leesburg at 49, 47 in germantown, 51 at college park. tralee uniform temperatures even on a wider view. still in the 60's for the water temperatures. that's affect the thermometer area along the water. 69 this afternoon, total sunshine. a little warmer tomorrow in the economy low 70's. warm temperatures all the way through the weekend. >>> there's a water main break on south dakota ave. we are going to live pictures right now. south dakota avenue just north of monroe street. this is a sizable water main break near 20th street. south dakota avenue is a heavily traveled corridor this time of morning, now closed in the area. of monroe street. traffic c
and the southern shenandoah valley. closer to washington, we have a few sprinkles thankfully. still roads and sidewalks and streets are wet. watch out. allow yourself extra time this morning, and grab the umbrella before you head out the door to work and school. right now it's rather cool, low to mid-60s. 64 at reagan national. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, low to mid-60s. here's your day planner. sunrise 7:14. occasional showers throughout the day. highs reaching upper 60s to near 70. a look at the evening planner at 6:11. here's a look at the wednesday commute. good morning, danella. >> i agree with you, tom. rain, rain, go away. definitely slowing you down. >>> a few accidents. northwest branch avenue past brandywine road in prince george's county, an accident there. 270 south at the beltway, seeing an accident there as well. further up 270, your congestion starts out of urbanna very slowly to clarksburg. when you get out of father hurley and make your way towards the spur, this is the view at west montgomery avenue. volume is increasing. again, your roadways
washington eastbound. a cloud deck almost on top of downtown stretching towards the blue ridge. temperatures mostly in the 40s. a few spots climbed into the low 50s now. 51 at national airport, 52 in baltimore. 48 in leesburg and ashburn. 4 also in gaitherersburg and ju germantown. we have clouds to contend with later on especially late morning through the afternoon hours. on the whole, a good day today. even better weather coming tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. today's high low 60s. if you're headed out to annapolis, the pirates of east carolina taking on the midshipmen of navy. a 3:30 kick off. richmond spiders, the black bears of maine going down to richmond. 62. it's a 3:30 kickoff. and it's homecoming at howard. the bison playing host to the bulldogs of north carolina a & t, a 1:00 kickoff. perfect homecoming weather for howard. >> the real hu. >> absolutely right. >> thanks, chuck. >> hopefully they win. >> they're going to win, let's hope. >> thank you, chuck. >>> in just about two hours, william mcquain's football team will take to the field for the first time since the little boy's mu
, rediscovering george washington. for more books on the founders all appeared here and two thumbs rediscovering george washington and rediscovering alexander hamilton, both by michael patton brought cast on pbs. in 2004 at 2005, mr. brookhiser was historian curator of alexander hamilton, the man who made a hundred america, which was an exhibit of the new york historical society in 2005 received an honorary doctorate degree from washington college. please join me in welcoming, richard tranter three to the national archives. [applause] >> thank you comments for that introduction and thank you for coming. can everybody hear? okay, james madison was clearly on the first ring of the founding fathers, but maybe we shortchanged him a little bit. i am sure everyone in this room is carrying pictures of washington and jefferson. because you dollar bills or quarters and nickels. and probably a fair number have alexander hamilton pictures because people have 10-dollar bills. are there any high rollers with ben franklin on the hundred? i promise you, no one has madisons built. they gave him the $5000 bill.
, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> a rise in shine. it is 5:00 a.m. >> ready are not here it is. we start with their traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check in with these that in just a moment. what a gorgeous weekend. how long is as great weather going to last? >> it cannot last of that long. we know that. reserve went to be some big changes. take a look at the last super dollar. -- super doppler. a cold front is moving through. 61 degrees in gainesville. a mixture of sun and clouds. predominantly dry picket tomorrows similar. low to mid 70's. then the big changes come toward the end of the week. >> it is quite in virginia. is the normal volume. we are good on a 81. nothing to worry about. we're good on the george washington parkway. uneventful along 75. in the district, they have summoned a crude to do some emergency road repair. it is near the thing. a whole has developed. northbound is open. south bounces only one open to the left. northbound all lanes of them. >> this sounds like the also a few people down. >> the latest developments in the search for william hi
morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a thanks for waking up with us this morning. good morning, washington. monday october 17, 6:00 a.m.. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. but we start with adam caskey. another warm day. >> very profitable today and tomorrow. -- very comfortable. active on wednesday. early this morning in and around the potomac highlands between cumberland and hancock and moving east there is a shower. there's a special approach in martinsburg. accused by the sprinkles coming to an end right now. 52 degrees in berkeley springs 53 in lusby and king george. 58 in remington, 59 in chevy chase. mid 70's today, a mixture of sun and clouds. and it's 70's again totomorrow. >>> camp springs, maryland on allentown road at branch avenue a truck lost its load of lumber on the side of the road. a lot of cleanup left to do. allentown road and branch avenue nobody getting through. you can see all the emergency equipment. branch avenue is op
call fha o 1 800 225 5342 en washington, alfredo miranda, univision. los pasajeros del metro enfrentaran retrasos de consideracion en este fin de semana extendido, especialment e en las lineas verde, y naranja..como parte de los trabajos de mantenimiento de los rieles las estacions shaw, de la u y columbia heights han sido cerrados a las 10 de la noche hasta el martes en la manana..el metro ha desplazado autobuses para transportar a los afectados entre las estaciones mount vernon square y la avenida georgia... en falls church, los pasajeros de la linea narajanda igualmente deberan utilizar autobuses entre las estaciones east falls church y west falls church..este cambio se debe a los trabajos de construccion de la extension al aeropuerto dulles el ex presidente de la liga de football juvenil del condado loundaoun, raymond j. taylor, de 44 anos, de purcellville, virginia, fue acusado de desfalcar a la liga con 50-mil dolares... mientras taylor fue presidente, los miembros de la junta de la liga descubrieron discrepancias en las cuentas... los integrantes de la junta notificaro
. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a weekend of protests in washington. no end in sight to the demonstrations. good morning, washington. it's monday, october 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. start with meteorologist adam caskey. feels great outside. time if we did not have single cloud in the sky at national before this recognize whether was about a ago, 11 months ago in november 2010. been a pretty good of weather. today will be sunny with high, clouds. 58 in the district, 50 in martinsburg, 57 at quantico. 80 degrees this afternoon. the average high is 70. increasing clouds tomorrow if of late-dayt chance far side of the metro area. be will late in the evening and into the nighttime tomorrow south of the metro could get a brief shower. otherwise, craning on wednesday, widespread with possibly heavy wednesday into thursday a little rain possible. by wednesday. 123 andbound 66 between beltway, lingering road or should be gone soon. they have done w
in washington this weekend say they plan to overstay their permit when it expires later tonight. stop the machine protesters say they plan to stay indefinitely. the group has been as freedom plaza all weekend, marking the tenth anniversary of the war in afghanistan. it was protesters from this group along with some from the occupy d.c. movement, who forced the air and space museum to shut down yesterday. police had to use pepper spray to break a group who wanted to get inside the museum to protest an exhibit on drones. one woman who was there said it was a peaceful protest and there was no need for pepper spray. >> i hope people got -- i hope they don't think that we just closed it so the tourists would be angry. no we, wanted to go get in to the drone and see it. we weren't going to do it -- we were peaceful. we were quite a lot of us, but we were peaceful. we were just going to go in and look at it in disbelief. maybe chant a little bit. >> other protesters with the stop the machine movement spent their day marching to the white house to ask president obama for their own beer summit
earthquake damage to the washington monument. workers were suspended from the very top of the 555 foot structure, which was the world's tallest building. we have more on the dangerous work that has people fascinated. >> reporter: structural engineers inspect outside the tip of the washington monument. more than 555 feet aboveground after surveillance cameras captured stone and debris falling inside after the earthquake shook the capital. what is your reaction when you see that? >> it's high up there. it looks like it would be fun, though, if you are a climber. >> reporter: the 20-year veteran has repelled down a mountain. >> it's dangerous. >> reporter: he's fascinated with the engineers. >> i would love to be able to legally do that. repel off the washington monument. >> reporter: crews will repel all four sides and check for cracks from top to bottom. right now, i climbed approximately 15 feet. at the top, it's around 25 feet. imagine the guys at the top of the monument are going up 20 times this height. >> be sure of your safety system. you have 555 feet up in the air. it's a long w
maryland claudia uceda univision continuan las reparaciones a la historica catedral nacional de washington que resulto danana por el reciente sismo... ingenieros removieron partes del pinaculo de la catedral, que es pieza importante del admirado diseno arquitectonico del edificio.. las piezas fueron instaladas en 1963 y pesan unas dos toneladas, por lo que fueron extraidas cuidadosamente por gruas... los ingenieros trataran de remover cualquier trozo que este suelto, a fin de garantizar la seguridad de la estructura.. la catedral reabrira al publico el 12 de noviembre.. el proximo domingo sera inaugurado oficialmente el monumento al lider de los derechos civiles martin luther king junior... univision washington hablo en exclusiva con la hija del desaparecido icono de las luchas por la igualdad...maria rosa lucchini, nos amplia en la siguiente nota.. todo esta casi listo para la ceremonia de dedicacion al monumento de martin luther king jr... tras dos meses de postergacion por el huracan irene... una de sus hijas... bernice king.... dice que hay una ardua lucha por delante para seguir con
un acuerdo en las negociaciones que beneficiarian a 12-mil trabajadores en washington, el norte de virginia, el condado de montgomery y baltimore... politicos como el concejal de washington jim graham, y miembros de la organizacion casa maryland tambien se solidarizaron..unos 12 mil trab de limpieza estan representados por el local 32 bj, incluyendo cinco mil en washington, cerca de cuatro mil en el norte de virginia, mil quinientos en el condado de montgomery, y mas de 700 en baltimore...que actualmente ganan entre nueve y doce dolares con sesenta centavos por hora... el plazo de negociaciones venceria este lunes... porciones danadas del pinaculo de la catedral de washington seran removidos temporalmente despues de que fuera danado por el temblor de 5.8 grados de magnitud del pasado 23 de agosto... las piezas con un peso de 2 toneladas sera quitados por una grua manana jueves en la manana... funcionarios de la catedral gotica, informaron que las piezas seran quitadas para hacer mas estable los pinaculos y la torre central, hasta que los trabajadores puedan reparar los danos..lue
congreso. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. en washington se intesifican las protestas contra la banca, el estado de la economia y contra la guerra..los manifestantes arman campamento cerca a la casa blanca y amenazan con continuar su protesta... maria rosa lucchini nos tiene el informe... freedom plaza se convirtio en su hogar... a solo una cuadra de la casa blanca... en la intemperie, descanzan sobre el concreto... sus alimentos son basicos... y se las ingenian para sobrevivir.... manifestantes como yoel dice que es grande el sacrificio... "no podemos dormir en areas que sean federales, como en parques, podemos dormir en la acera, en el auto.." reportera: "¿pero aqui solamente descanzan? "aqui solamente podemos descanzar" esta movilizacion denominada octubre 2011, exige al congreso quince puntos criticos para mejorar la situacion de millones de familias... condenan las acciones del gobierno y las corporaciones... "tienen que ver con el acceso a educacion, el acceso a la salud, el acceso a los votos, tiene que ver hasta con inmigracion" "los candidatos que estan con nosotro
. >> a new point of view where some tourists are heading while the washington monument is closed. >>> the scoop on serving sizes. even if you eat healthy foods you may be sabotaging your diet. >>> if saying so long to summer is making you sad, we may have the key to putting you in a better mood. >>> first, you might have to pack more cash next time you plan to hail a cab. d.c. officials want to do away with the $19 cap on taxi fares. no matter how long the ride takes, the meter keeps running until you reach your destination. darcy spencer has details. >> reporter: if you catch a cab in the district, you could be paying more if you take a lengthy trip. the taxi cab commission plans to lift the cap on fares within d.c. borders. >> i'm going to split from now on. i can't afford to pay more than i am. >> if it's legal to make that much more by how much road they are traveling and how much time it is, then yeah. >> reporter: this is the third effort to scrap the cap. this time, it's going to happen. >> we lifted it. we didn't think it was a fair cap. >> certainly enough people felt by
. >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >>> welcome back. whenever a team gets walloped like the skins did today, there's a good chance of some in-house bickering and today that happened in toronto. midway through the 3rd quarter there was blown coverage as ryan fitzpatrick finds scott chandler for a second touchdown of the day. now london fletcher looks like he's big, but i don't think it was him. he had a problem with laron landry and d'angelo hall tried to step in and play peacemaker and that's what the cameras caught on the sidelines in front of a national fox audience. afterwards landry did admit my bad. d. >> i don't think, but i can say it was my fault. >> i just say defensively we don't want to give up touchdowns. so you get frustrated any time you give up points. >> everybody is frustrated and that's what happens. that's what happens in the heat of battle. tempers start to flare a little bit and cooler heads will prevail. >> so have the skins hit rock bottom? is that possible when we're not even halfway through the season. a lot of fans are angry. here'
's called washington redskins, the complete illustrated history. it's great to see you again. thank you very much for coming in. and let's get to it. you come all the way back to the inception of the redskins. but going back to boston days, up to the present day, how much fun was it putting this thing together and what did you find along the way? >> i didn't know that much about stuff before i was done, obviously. this is my 4th or 5th redskin book. i knew this stuff stole from my previous books and got a lot out of my head. but it's always great to go back because the last 20 years have been pretty tough for redskins fans. you relive the glory days. >> talk about the glory days the redskins had. if i had to put you on the spot and name the three most influential redskins players, who would you pick? >> he was the first draft choice when they came to washington. he was the starting quarterback for 15 or 16 years. two championships, a few championship games, he was the redskins. bobby mitchell number two. first african american player. went through a lot of racism. made it easier for every
beginning now. >> this is "the future of news" from the knight studios at the newseum in washington d.c. i'm frank sesno. welcome to our conversation about news in the digital age. i'm joined today by two of washington's most accomplished political reporters. sam donaldson is a broadcasting icon and veteran reporter for abc news. he was chief white house correspondent covering 3 presidents, and for more than 40 years at abc, he's reported the biggest national political stories of our time. in addition to anchoring abc's "primetime live" and "this week" programs, sam's an internet pioneer. he was host of abc's first web-only program, "sam" and jim vandenhei made his mark as a national political reporter for "the wall street journal" and then "the washington post." he left that paper in 2006 with john harris to create politico, a web site and newspaper that's become one of the most popular sites for political news and commentary. he's executive editor of politico, where his knowledge of all things d.c. and all things new media has helped change the way campaigns are ru
the stage for the eighth republican debate good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning to you. 6:01 on this tuesday, october 18. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here is adam caskey. >>> it is comfortable outside relative to this time of year. temperatures are online for average this morning around 50 degrees. we have some 40 degree temperatures here and they're especially north of town. 57 degrees in southeast d.c. we are on our way to 72 this afternoon with a pleasant day with a mixture of sun and clouds and tomorrow we will have often on rainshowers and even rain showers developing late-night but mostly late morning into the afternoon tomorrow. still comfortable, near 70, and gusty winds on thursday and much cooler. >>> we are hearing from vdot that they have been working with an accident that ended right here. this is the result of a police chase northbound on i-395 at the beginning of the exit ramp for edsall road. the right to travel in is blocked on 395 and you ca
the washington monument. >> no. it will not be that breezy today. that's one step in the right direction. over the last couple of hours, looking at some of the latest computer guidance and new hope it won't be quite as rainy today. as was originally feared. i have lowered our chance of rain a touch. >>> you're gaining more friends. >> i went from a 70% chance to a 40% chance. there's a nice update for you there. i'll show you why i'm more confident. don't get me fooled. it's not going to be warm today. and you're not going to see much in the way of sunshine. we're not going to have as much wind or rain as we did yesterday. that's the improvement. right now temperatures are in the 40s around washington. 50 in fredericksburg. 50 on the eastern shore in cam bring, maryland. 41 in hagerstown, maryland right now with a little bit of light rain and drizzle, southern pennsylvania, maryland. widen out the view. you notice this pinwheel of moisture is going a lot more west than south. so a lot of those showers now in western pennsylvania will head down into western west virginia. that's the reason i'm
and comments on "washington journal." >> the head of the american association of university professors says that tenure and academic freedom are in jeopardy and need to be protected. >> tenure creates an atmosphere on campus where people can speak freely, not just in their teachings, but also in terms of university governance. if you don't like a proposal that the board of trustees or the president makes, you have to be able to speak freely about it. administrators should be able to do that as well. so, that shared governance speech is part of what academic freedom protects. without that, you really don't have the expertise or the faculty available to you. >> cary nelson, author of "no university is an island," sunday night on c-span's "q&a." >> this is a dangerous time for britain and a dangerous time for britain's economy. the government's austerity plan is failing. you can sense the fear people have as we watch the economic crisis that stalks our country in 2008 threatened to return. >> with the british house of commons still in recess, annual party conferences are continuing in the u.k.
lo hablaremos en el estudio. hoy en agenda washington. estaremos hablando sobre la violencia domestico e intrafamiliar. >>> es usted víctima de está grave situación en su hogar? >>> sabe dónde buscar ayuda. >>> lo hablaremos en el estudio. agenda washington. laudcio y bienvenidos a agenda washington le habla mario sol. >>> la violencia domestico es uno de los grandes problema de nuestro sociedad. >>> según estadístico es la mayor causa de lesiones y muerto entre las mujeres de los estados unidos. desafortunado la desa tifngente confirmar que violencia domestico entre intrafamiliar es una actuación común en los hogares estadounidense. >>> lo que significa un grf problema de carácter social legal y salud público. >>> seguro el departamento de salud y servicio social las mujeres representan el 85 % de víctima y quienes sostienen que cada año 4, 8 millones de mujer son víctima de vi violación y bs físico y aunque afectado son les mujeres niños incluso hombres también sufren consecuencia de abuso domestico e infra familiar. >>> entre manifestación común son dife
prisión dependiendo de cada cargo. - una mujer que preparaba impuestos en washington se declaró culpable en una corte por manipular más de 3000 declaraciones y de conseguir que la oficina de rentas internas de volver a más de 14 millones de dólares en reembolsos. según las autoridades la mujer incluida en las declaraciones de impuestos datos falsos por lo que podría enfrentar hasta 31 meses en prisión y una multa de más de $100,000. en el juicio de leslie johnson se retrasó. ella se declaró culpable en junio pasado de destruir evidencia en un caso de corrupción que involucró a su marido jack johnson. los abogados de la mujer dicen que el juicio fue pospuesto por programación, no se sabe la fecha exacta cuando esto ocurra. - la propuesta sobre la creación de un grupo de trabajo de emergencia en temas relacionados a ética laboral en la alcaldía de washington fue rechazada por todo el consejo excepto por su proponente, el concejal orange, los miembros del consejo hablaron sobre la necesidad de concebir una reforma de ética laboral realista que incluye la opinión de los resi
to kill the saudi ambassador to washington. a special report from uganda as the victim of child sacrifice describes his ordeal and names his attacker. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. also coming up in the program -- in which country does a pull pop into a pub for a pint? >> hello. the release of potentially thousands of prisoners from jails in burma is underway. it's part of a long-awaited amnesty. we understand already around 120 political prisoners have been freed, including one prominent satarist. as many as 6,000 will be released. while many will have criminal convictions, the eyes of western diplomats will be fixed on how many of these detainees were being held for their politics. our correspondent, rachel harvey, is in bangkok in neighboring thailand. i asked her how many prisoners we're expecting to see. >> the total number of prisoners the government has set is just in excess of 6,500, 6,559 i think is the figure they stated yesterday. but the majority of those will not be political prisoners. and as you rightly said in your introduction, the eyes of the world will b
took the top spot here in washington. herman cain was a close second. the texas governor is trying to bounce back after controversial comments on friday by one of his supporters. >> mitt romney's a good, moral person but he's not a christian. mormonism is not christianity. it's always been considered a cult. >> mitt romney did not directly address the issue. sarah palin and herman cain both appeared in lynchburg, virginia today. palin was speaking at a women's conference. >>> more than 175 members of the d.c. air national guard are headed to afghanistan. tonight was their sendoff ceremony at andrews air force base. the 113th wing of the d.c. air national guard will be stationed at bagram airfield. it marks the first time an air national guard unit is sending f-16 fighter jets to afghanistan. we spoke with a couple going through their first deployment. >> it's a time for me to do my job, that they've trained me for years to do. if i don't go, it's like learning something that and never actually doing it. >> i'm just proud of him. i just want to focus on being positive. and taking ca
health issues as a result of being unemployed. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: college students are facing higher tuition and ser-deepening debt. coffee shop therapy-- it could be a lifesaver for soldiers in distress. and the color in colorado is snow white when the "cbs evening news" continues. cc >> pelley: we're back now from seattle. the eastern part of this state had its first frost last night, so farmers are rushing to harvest washington's biggest cash crop, apples. 70% of america's apples come from this state. 10 billion are picked by hand every year, but this year, ben tracy tells us, hands are hard to come by. >> reporter: it's the height of harvest in washington's apple orchards. and grower al robison is racing against time. >> we're just running out of days. >> reporter: he needs to clear his 240 acres of apples before the first freeze. he usually has 80 pickers. this year, he could barely find 60. >> once they're frozen, that... that quality goes downhill fast and after a couple of days, you're done. >> reporter: help wanted signs are planted up and down str
la catedral san mateo de washington... los jueces del maximo tribunal de justicia deberan decidir sobre el futuro del plan de salud del presidente obama que establece como obligatorio la compra de un seguro... por otra parte el tema de inmigracion y hasta donde pueden ser castigados los hijos de indocumentados que fueron traidos al pais siendo pequenos tambien debera ser decidido por ese tribunal.. los ingenieros que estan inspeccionando los danos sufridos por el monumento a washington hoy volvieron al trabajo despues que el viernes suspendieran sus labores a consecuencia de los vientos... el servicio nacional de parques informo que el interior del famoso obelisco no fue mayormente afectado por el temblor que sacudio a nuestra region el pasado agosto.. malas noticias para las organizaciones comunitrias que reciben financiamiento de fannie mae y freddie mac para su programas... esos gigantes en el campo de la vivienda han manifestado que reduciran aun mas la ayuda que otorgan...las donaciones de fannie mae y freddie mac alcanzaron a unos 100 millones de dolares en los ultimos cuatr
... admitio que su pais tiene debilidades en derechos humanos, para lo que pidio la ayuda de washington, asi como para enfrentar el narcotrafico y el crimen organizado...pocos dias despues realizado el festival de mount pleasant bajo el denominativo de fiesta dc, se ha hecho conocer la iniciativa de trasladar el festival a otra zona de l distrito debido a la cantidad de personas que atrajo en su mas reciente edicion. alfredo miranda nos informa. message body fiesta dc, el popular festival que promueve la cultura hispana y que se realiza anualmente en la populosa zona de mount pleasant ha crecido sobrepasando su capacidad y podria ser trasladada a la calle 14 cien mil personas nos quedo esa área muy corto esa área para tener la funcionalidad del desfile y la operación de la venta de comida y de las artesanías y todo . no solo es el crecimiento del festival lo que pormueve un cambio de escenario, tambien quejas de vecinos de las calles circundantes. impacta mucho el trafico y también impacta la bulla y por eso pusieron una carta de reclamo, básicamente ellos quieren que se vaya el festiv
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